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As a family, we are strong advocates of the livestock industry. First hand, we witness the lessons in responsibility, competition, integrity and dedication that it teaches both youth and adults alike. Our love for livestock and drive to compete certainly laid the foundation for our involvement, but it goes further. Being able to share our passion with friends and families across the country is what really makes this special. We spend countless hours in the farrowing house and are fortunate to share that experience with many kids who might not get that opportunity otherwise. Helping families with selection, coaching kids on showmanship and spending quality time with friends at shows and events are our most anticipated times of the year.

We believe success is a journey and are constantly building and improving our sow herd. We search and invest in the best genetics and utilize the best sires out there. Please check out our sow page to see the latest additions to our already strong battery of females.

No doubt, the opportunities and interest in show pigs has never been higher. We are committed to the future and will strive to farrow our ‘best set yet’ each and every season. If you choose to purchase from us, you will have access and assistance from us to ensure that your project hits 12 o’clock on show day. We would love to help make your 2014-2015 show season a success! For more information on our offerings, please visit our sale page.




Mike, Heather, Alida, Hallie, Lilly, & Lucy